Clay Studio

Clay Info
Those enrolled in our Adult clay classes will have access to the clay studio.
Students must sign in at office before entering clay room for open studio.

WINTER OPEN STUDIO HOURS: through April 6, 2018
Monday daytime & evening: 10am - 9pm, closed 2/19
Wednesday 10 am - 3 pm

Please be mindful of our classes, do not use the studio when a class is in session

Can EAC fire pieces I have made somewhere else?
No, we will only fire the pieces you have made with the EAC clay bodies.

What clay are we using at EAC?

Fired to cone 04 for Bisque and cone 6 for glaze, EAC offers two clay bodies to choose from.

#150 is a mid-fire toast-brown stoneware with some grog, fired shrinkage 12%

#65 is a mid-fire white stoneware, smooth in texture, fired shrinkage 13% .

Adult clay students will be given one 12.5 lb bag of clay to create work from. Those who want to create more work may purchase an additional bag of clay at $50/bag (25 lbs) or $25/ half bag (12.5 lbs.) This cost includes bisque and glaze firing. Students are limited to three total bags (75 lbs) of clay per session, this includes the bag you are given when class begins.

Thick forms are more prone to steam explosions when bisque fired. EAC suggests students use 5/8" blue needles to gauge maximum thickness, to prevent explosion during firing.
We encourage students to clean up and notch the base of thrown pieces before cutting them off the wheel to prevent sharp edges after firing.

"When glazing projects, keep in mind that all glazes become fluid when melted in the kiln, and can adhere a pot to the kiln shelf, damaging both.  Remove all glaze on or close to the base of your ware, or from the parts of any glazed object that will contact the shelf. Pottery with excessively thick glaze near the bottom, or with cracked or flaking glaze, may be rejected."

Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to inquire in the office.
Thank you